Environmental information disclosure of Xiamen traditional Chinese Medicine Factory Co., Ltd. in 2020
<p>1、 Basic information:</p><p>Xiamen traditional Chinese Medicine Factory Co., Ltd</p><p>Organization Code: 913502001550211725</p><p>Address: No. 97 Baiyun Avenue, Tong'an District, Xiamen</p><p>Enterprise legal representative: Wall Shifa</p><p>Contact: 0592-7266566</p><p>Production and business scope: production of Chinese patent medicine and processing of Chinese herbal pieces.</p><p>2、 Blowdown information:</p><p>1. Pollutant discharge permit (No.: 913502001550211725001u)</p><p>2. Main pollutant categories: waste water and waste gas;</p><p>2.1. 1. Main types of atmospheric pollutants: particulate matter, non methane total hydrocarbon and odor concentration;</p><p>2.1. 2. Emission law of air pollutants: unorganized;</p><p>2.1. 3. Executive Standards for air pollutant emission:</p><p>Emission standard of air pollutants in Xiamen DB 35 / 323-2018;</p><p>Emission standard for odor pollutants (GB 14554-93);</p><p>2.2. 1. Types of main pollutants in wastewater: chemical oxygen demand, five-day biochemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen (NH3-N), total nitrogen (n), pH value, suspended solids, total phosphorus (P), animal and vegetable oil, total organic carbon and chromaticity;</p><p>2.2. 2. Discharge law of wastewater pollutants: intermittent discharge;</p><p>2.2. 3. Discharge standards of wastewater pollutants:</p><p>Integrated wastewater discharge standard (GB 8978-1996);</p><p>Water quality standard for sewage discharged into urban sewers (GB / T 31962-2015).</p><p>3、 Construction and operation of pollution prevention and control facilities</p><p>1. The existing sewage treatment station was built in 2005 and officially put into use in 2009. At present, it operates normally;</p><p>2. The company completed the construction of accident emergency pool in 2011.</p><p>4、 Environmental impact assessment of the construction project and other administrative licenses for environmental protection:</p><p>The relocation and reconstruction project of Xiamen traditional Chinese Medicine Factory Co., Ltd. (i.e. the modernization project of traditional Chinese medicine preparations of Xiamen traditional Chinese Medicine Factory Co., Ltd.) shall be subject to environmental impact assessment and acceptance as required.</p><p>5、 Emergency plan for environmental emergencies (No.: 350212-2020-022-l).</p><p><br/></p>
Famous doctors and drugs into the community to send health gifts to residents
<p>■ there was a long queue at the free clinic.</p><p>On December 26, Xiamen traditional Chinese Medicine Factory Co., Ltd., Xiamen Radio and television group and the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University jointly held the 11th free clinic public welfare activity "dingluqing · healthy road - famous doctors and medicines healthy community". The free clinic team walked into Hecuo community in Xiang'an and sent health gifts to residents.</p><p>Reporter Wang Chencheng</p><p>[public welfare free clinic]</p><p>Two community free clinics are held every month to deliver medicine to residents</p><p>The series of free clinic activities of "Ding Lu Qing · healthy road - famous doctors and medicines healthy community" is a large-scale free clinic public welfare activity jointly launched by Xiamen traditional Chinese Medicine Factory Co., Ltd. and Xiamen TV station. Its purpose is to help the general public, improve the healthy living standard and advocate a healthy lifestyle. Since July this year, two public welfare free clinics have been arranged every month, and well-known experts from major hospitals in Xiamen have been invited to different communities for free clinics and publicity. Up to now, the free clinic has entered Jinshang community, Huafu community, Lianyun community, Haihong community and other communities inside and outside the island. The public welfare free clinic has been highly praised by the competent departments and the general public.</p><p>On the 26th, although the weather was cold, residents from Hecuo community in Xiang'an came to the activity site early to wait for consultation with Free Clinic experts. At the event site, Xiamen traditional Chinese medicine factory also presented common Chinese patent medicines such as Weisan, Zhupo Jingfeng powder, Tiaojing Buxue pill, Bushen Yijing pill, Liuwei Dihuang pill and Xinhuang tablet to local residents free of charge.</p><p>After the free clinic, Xiamen Radio and Television Group also brought art shows to residents. The person in charge of Hecuo community expressed his gratitude to Xiamen traditional Chinese medicine factory and Xiamen Radio and Television Group for the public welfare free clinic and art show. He hoped that the public welfare activities would often come to Hecuo community in the future to bring health and joy to the residents.</p><p>[health gift]</p><p>The eight treasures pill is suitable for almost all ages. It is a good gift for relatives and friends</p><p>It is reported that the eight treasure pill originated from the imperial side of the court in the Ming Dynasty and was sold at home and abroad as early as the Republic of China. It is refined from natural musk, natural bezoar, antelope horn, snake gall, pearl, Panax notoginseng and other rare, precious and pure natural medicinal materials, so it is called "eight"; "Bao" means "unique curative effect" and is regarded as "Bao"; "Dan" is called "Dan" because its medicinal materials are rare and effective, and it inherits and retains the oldest unique dosage form of traditional Chinese medicine in China - pastille.</p><p>Babaodan has unique efficacy and is unique in protecting liver and reducing enzymes. In addition, it can also be regarded as a model of Chinese patent medicine in terms of "removing jaundice and relieving pain, preventing cancer, removing dampness and heat, relieving alcohol and reducing fire, before and after operation".</p><p>In terms of liver protection, babaodan is suitable for people with alcoholic liver, liver cirrhosis, viral hepatitis or drug-induced liver injury and drinking and entertainment. In terms of cancer prevention and anti-cancer, especially for digestive system tumors, such as liver cancer, gastric cancer and colon cancer, babaodan has good effects. Kang Liangshi, the late famous liver disease doctor with the reputation of "Nankang", and Sheng Guorong, a famous doctor in Xiamen, all used babaodan to prevent and treat related tumors, with obvious results and great improvement in the quality of life of patients. In eliminating damp heat, it is also beneficial to bitter mouth, bad breath, yellow jaundice of urine, bloody hemorrhoids in stool, greasy hair, acne, fecal viscosity, etc.</p><p>Babaodan is a national confidential traditional Chinese medicine. It not only has good efficacy, but also the medicinal components used are very safe. For example, the antelope horn used in babaodan is one of the two national first-class wild protected medicinal materials in China (the other is plum deer antler); Another example is natural musk, which is specially provided by the state. Only seven key Chinese patent medicines are specially allowed to be used in limited quantities in China; For another example, natural bezoar and snake gall are also medicinal materials that the state clearly stipulates should be protected; Pearl, Tianqi and other rare medicinal materials have been widely used among the people since ancient times. In addition to the taboos of pregnant women, babaodan is suitable for all ages. Therefore, it is very suitable for long-term use.</p><p><br/></p>
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