Lean Culture
In response to the overall strategic deployment of Shanghai pharmaceutical, combined with the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine in Xiamen, with the development concept of independent promotion and full participation, establish a lean operation system, combined with lean thinking and tools, and form a normalized lean production system and management mode with the characteristics of Xiamen and China. Realize the best effect of quality, efficiency and benefit, and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.
Lean production:
Self promotion optimization system
Talent construction:
Instructor team leader team
Lean Project:
Cost reduction, efficiency enhancement and excellence

Lean Newsletter

Bao Jianfeng hones the craftsman's soul from the cauldron
The first black belt project of the company won the "2020 Lean Six Sigma Project Excellence Award", and the project team won the "2021 worker pioneer of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group"
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Lean production, all the way forward
On January 22, the 2020 lean year-end conference of the company was successfully held in the multi-functional hall on the third floor. The conference includes three agendas, namely, Lean Six Sigma project release, green belt phase II completion ceremony and commendation ceremony. Company leaders, heads of relevant departments and green belt phase II students attended the meeting.
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Keep improving and casting quality
The company carried out lean production clearance diagnosis activities. In order to test the activity results of each lean implementation team, the company carried out lean production clearance diagnosis activities on January 21.
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Honor time

Third prize of "dragon car Cup"
Won the third prize of the third national lean management project publication competition of "Shenlong Automobile Cup" of China Quality Association.
Shanghai Pharmaceutical "worker pioneer"
Won the first prize of the group and the "worker pioneer" of Shanghai Pharmaceutical.
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